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An Overview of Foreign Investments in the Renewable Power Sector in India

The Government of India is focussing on implementing more electric vehicles, solar equipment, green hydrogen, etc., in the coming years. Hence India’s renewable energy sector is anticipated to flourish in 2022 and see a likely investment of USD 15 billion.

Moreover, as India intends to manufacture a power capacity of around 850 GW by 2020, it provides a lucrative opportunity for foreign investors to set out their venture. Foreign investors can best mitigate hindrances and receive higher yields by relying on a top renewable energy consulting company in India.


Pharmaceutical Companies in India, Indian Pharma and Biotechnology Industry

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How Can Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies Implement More Innovative and Effective Strategies to Establish a Business in India?

The Indian pharmaceutical and biotech sector continues to be world’s one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cost-effective drugs. Hence, this sector is still an attractive proposition for foreign investors. The pharmaceutical sector has seen an escalation of 200% in FDI.

Moreover, the FDI inflows remained buoyant at Rs. 4413 crores in the year 2021-2022. India’s healthcare industry is diversified, providing scope and opportunities to foreign investors. However, foreign organizations can make the most of the growth spectrum of India’s pharmaceutical and biotech sector with the robust assistance of pharmaceutical regulatory consulting firms in India.


Indian FMCG Industry Analysis – Trends, Details, and Guide

How do Companies increase their Product Penetration in the Indian FMCG Market-Indian FMCG Market: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Market-2022: New Trends in FMCG Sector – FMCG Consulting Partner

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India is the pivot of FMCG brands. As per CRISIL Ratings, the revenue growth of the FMCG sectors will double by 10 to 12% in the financial year 2022. The FMCG sectors have emerged as an effective platform by integrating new strategies to maintain customer loyalty and build product awareness.

Moreover, major government initiatives like the PLI scheme supports exports and offers lucrative scope to international companies. Foreign investors can escape the pitfalls of entering the Indian sector by seeking help from a trustworthy FMCG business consultant in India.


India’s Chemical Industry: Sector Overview: A Guide

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How can India Benefit from the Global Chemical Product Market’s Supply and Demand Chain?

India is a notable hub for chemical companies. The specialty chemical sector in India is on a steady growth trajectory. In both the specialty and agrochemicals sector and its intermediates, there are many opportunities for domestic sales and exports. As the specialty chemical sector is emerging competitive, it presents promising lucrative foreign investment opportunities.

Moreover, a favorable Government policy will widen the scope of profitability. The best way foreign investors can build a strong business presence and formulate a systematic market-entry formula is by collaborating with a reliable chemical industry consultant in India.


Guide to the Indian Life Science Sector

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COVID-19: How Healthcare Consulting Firms Are Crucial for The Indian Life Science Sector In The Pandemic Era?

The coronavirus outbreak has managed to underline the need to overhaul and redesign the global medical fraternity. As more and more foreign pharmaceutical firms are foraying into the Indian market, healthcare consulting firms have emerged as a crucial element in revitalizing the life science industry here.